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Dar Yacout


Ideally located in the heart of the Marrakech medina, Dar Yacout is considered the pearl of the city's restaurants. One of the oldest guest tables in Marrakech, the magic of this place is owed to Mohamed Zkhiri who made it an unmissable stop for food lovers and gourmets in search of authentic experiences.

This is a place with a most enchanting setting, where it is pleasant to savor a cocktail while contemplating the magic of the sunset, or to taste a finely prepared chef's meal made with local products.

The atmosphere of this guest table is proudly steeped in Moroccan tradition: the nooks, musical ambiance, and dishes served all celebrate Moroccan immersion, accompanied by service recognized as one of the best in Morocco.

Dar Yacout

Ritual of the place

Going to Dar Yacout is an experience that goes far beyond simple culinary discovery. It is a life experience that begins as soon as the main door is crossed, a timeless escape where good taste and refinement are the guiding principles.

As suggested by Moroccan family tradition, Dar Yacout offers its guests the warmest welcome, personally ensured by Youssef Zkhiri himself. As the master of the place, Youssef takes great pleasure in receiving his guests while welcoming them.

The appreciation of the experience at Dar Yacout begins with a drink to sip on the terrace. Fresh juice, Moroccan tea, alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails are among the choices offered to guests who can enjoy the sunset thanks to the breathtaking view provided. This moment is accompanied by a beautiful musical atmosphere where Gnaoua maâlems hypnotize the place with enchanting sound magic.

Once the aperitif is finished, guests can walk down the stairs to the heart of the large house and choose the setting where their dishes will be served. Between the floor bathed in the fervor of warm colors and the patio wrapped in beautiful trees and strong arches, the choice could be difficult. However, each space offers its own identity and invites the same conviviality with the Zkhiri signature.

Then comes the great moment of tasting: the recipes offered by the menu are mainly inspired by Moroccan gastronomy. This surprises food lovers not only by the freshness of the ingredients but also by the sensuality of the revisited flavors. Between a variety of Moroccan salads or a pastilla (to be ordered in advance) as starters, meat tagine with seasonal vegetables, beldi chicken with olives, or baked fish depending on the catch, and finally a sweet indulgence for dessert like pastilla with milk and almonds or honey crepes: a journey of delectable flavors to spoil the taste buds.